Hi, I’m Christian Sismone

I'm a beauty content creator turned motivational coach and speaker who helps Black women and WOC unlock the cheat code to life! I began creating beauty content as a reminder to women who often nuture everyone but themselves that they deserve to tap into their own self-care and joy. Over the past 15 years, I have been in a deep discovery of understanding who I am and healing from the pains of life. In 2010 I attempted to end my life and by doing so allowed me to start a new life. Learning through many pivots and detours I found who I was through therapy, self-reflection, and experimenting which provided me much wisdom.

I see myself as the proverbial big sister who wants to help you not have the same experiences and get to your goals faster so you can enjoy them! Embracing your full self takes boldness as we live in a society that is very curated. It has taken time to own myself, my race, my femininity, my autism, and my mental health, by doing this has provided confidence that allows me to show up dynamically!


In my 10 years in corporate America in roles of training and development, coaching, and project management, I have gained an invaluable insight that will help navigate your life easier. My natural creative talents with fashion have also helped many women make over their image to reach their goals. I have worked with several ladies providing effective counsel and fierce encouragement that has led to their own happily ever after. I can do the same for you!

  • Fashion styling and life planning creation.
  • Practical learning experience with real life examples.
  • Practical homework assignments that produce meaningful results.
  • Hands on advising approach.