Boost your beauty bedtime routine

Boost your beauty bedtime routine

Bedtime should be a sacraed place for you. Sleep is such an important part of growth. You are able to heal, restore and be refueld. As someone who suffers from bouts of insomnia pretty regularly and have much of my life, I can tell you how boosting your beauty bedtime routine will boost your life!

When I haven’t slept well for a few days my ability to think positively, be productive and even my eating habits are affected. Being tired can make things that really don’t matter become a huge mountain. On the flip side when I am well rested for days I awake and have the drive to make my dreams a reality.

I use to be #teamnosleep or #nooffdays when it came to going after my goals. But after noticing how I would crash and burn because I wasn’t well rested, I began to take notice of my life. When you don’t value yourself you will not do things that are for your future self. For example, you know you have a big interview coming up, you would ensure to eat a great meal, take a nice relaxing bath and go to bed. But when you unconciously don’t value you, you will do things that will sabtage your goals.

Beauty rest also helps you to heal physically so you can workout more powerfully. The worst workout is one when I didn’t get much sleep as my endurance and determination are shot. The best thing I could do is some nice hot yoga, take a cool shower after and get real intimate with my pillow. Sleep is a requirement ladies! It’s not up for discussion as you deserve to pour from a full cup.

Here are some ways to boost your beauty bedtime routine

1. Create a soothing essential oil diffuser mix and tea

Boost your beauty bedtime routine
A simple mix of Neroli,Clove, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange

2. Make sure you set the mood

I have to sleep when it’s cool, the room is dark and free of distractions like my laptop. I have my phone on night time mode so no calls or text are coming in and the blue light is turned into a warmer light to help me to be relaxed.

3. Light stretches

I’m not sure how I stumbled on yoga squats but they are a game-changer. I will do some light stretches and yoga moves like a forward fold in order to go down into a yoga squat. Yoga squats help to open up the hip which as ladies we hold a lot of tension, emotion, and energy there especially as we are working from home. I will hold for about 3-5 minutes and as I come out the move I feel a huge release.

Boost your beauty bedtime routine

4. Gratitude

Once I’m in the bed I will jot down a few things I’m grateful for or if I’m dozing off I will think about them. I like to think of the good things in my life when I wake up and as I go to sleep. It helps to center me and keep me in a state of constant gratitude.

I hope these tips help you boost your beauty bedtime routine as your beauty goes beyond being cute but your whole being. Let me know in the comments some things you do at night to make your sleep a win!

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