Double Cleansing and Why it’s Important

Double cleansing and why its important

I’m starting a series all about how to make the best of your skincare routine. Now I’m not an esthetician, however, I am an avid skincare enthusiast. A big trend has been that want to demystify. I will be sharing my thoughts double cleansing and how it will give you the best skincare life!

A few years back I really boosted my skincare game. I have always loved skin care even back in high school doing a weekly mask and trying out different things. One late night I stumbled upon the legend Caroline Hirons, who is a superstar in the beauty influencer world as she is a pro aesthichan. I probably watched 10 videos when I came to the video on double cleansing and my mind was blown.

Double Cleansing and Why it’s Important

When you wear makeup as much as I do, you have on many layers of product. Each layer needs to be stripped in order for you to treat your skin with treaments and keep it healthy. Just popping on a bit of cleanser and thinking it’s clean will cause you a cycle of breakouts and other issues.

Double Cleaning which is been found in Korean skincare is where you use some some of oil to break down the layers of products on the skin. It’s something that is safe for all skin types. This allows you remove all makeup, sunscreen from the skin and allow your skin to receive nutrients. The next cleanse is typically more sophiscated in formula that can treat the skin. Double cleansing provides your skin a clean slate your skin can reap the rewards of your products.

To start double cleansing you want to using a oil-based clenaser and then follow-up with a water-based cleanser. Your oil-based product can come in the form of a cleansing balm or oil. You want the product to be able to break down dirty and oil which allows it to be washed away.

After removing the cleansing balm or oil, follow-up with a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. In my next post, I will be sharing my thoughts on the best cleansers for combo skin. This cleanser will help prep the skin for anything you use to treat your skincare concerns be it hydration, hyperpigmentation, and aging.

Oil Based Cleanser

So now that you understand the mechanics of double cleaning you probably are like sis, what products should I pick. Glad you asked, your in the right place. I have tried a few cleansing balms and oils. I will say you can go either way but pick items that meet your needs and budget.

Cleansing Balms

Cleasning balms are awesome and typically easily transported. The benefit of using a balm is typically they are formulated with a emulifier so when you put water on them it will activiate and you can easily remove. When using a cleasning balm you apply it to dry skin and starting to give yourself a nice luxe massage, working it all over the skin. I typically will apply my balm and go lay on my couch and massage for 5 mins. The massage helps to drain the lympoic fluid and ensure that the balm has had the chance to break down the day.

My favs are Emma Hardie which is a more luxe product. I tend to pull this out when I have had a rough day and in need of getting my bougie back. This is something that is formulated so well that I may use this as my only cleanse if I only wore sunscreen while inside.

Double Cleansing and Why it's Important
Photo Courtesy Dermstore

My next fav balm is the Clinquine Take the Day balm. This is a bit more inexpensive but she is a trusted faithful girl. She is non-complicated and gets the job down of breaking down the trials of the day leaving you ready to tackle the rest of your routine.

Oil Cleaning

Now I have done oil cleansing for many years but recently the fab Nai aka the LABeautyologist who gave a wonderful breakdown on oil cleansing and how it works. She is the skincare wizard who coined #60SecondRule in which you cleanse for 60 seconds in order for your skin to gain all the benefits. Go watch her video if you’re interested in learning more about different oils and how they work for your skin type.

I tend to use Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, and Safflower Oil that work very well on my skin. They leave my skin feeling clean and don’t clog my pores. Oil cleansing can be a bit more inexpensive if you’re using straight carrier oils.

Photo Courtesy of DHC

You can also purchase a ready-made oil cleanser like DHC Oil Cleanser which also has an emulsifier. I have used this one and even though it’s popular it wasn’t my fav.

I hope now you have a better understanding of what double cleansing is and how it truly benefits your skin. If you add layers and layers of makeup and just the daily grime, you must clean it off in order for all your wonderful efforts to work. Do you double cleanse now or will you start now? Let me know in the comments!


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