Girl Gone Vegan Fail

Girl Gone Vegan Fail

The global pandemic has put so much into perspective in my life. One of my goals for a while truly had me be girl gone vegan. A deep goal for me has been to really be mindful of what I consume as you are what you eat! At the top of the stay home orders, I thought going vegan would be optimal. Being a black woman who is plus-size no matter how active I may be at trimming down made me become very conscious of what I consume.

If you scroll on IG for any length of time you will see pretty smoothie bowls chopped up with all sorts of fruits and veggies and vegan meals. You will see pretty little faces saying that going Vegan is the way. I’m one that isn’t swayed easily but with it being a conscious goal of mine I felt it was worth a shot. In life you will nothing is a sure thing and you won’t know until you try.

Girl Gone Vegan Fail

April was a wild month to venture into being a vegan as it was in the heat of the pandemic and so many things were just out of stock, but I got creative. I taught myself how to make desserts as I enjoy baking that was amazing and vegan. My expectation was an increase in energy, glowing skin, and weight loss.

Over 3 months I noticed that my energy was lacking and even worst my monthly visitor was the most sinister I have ever had. I literally could not get up in the mornings and the pain left me in fetal for the first day or two. After 3 and 1/2 months, I honored myself and incorporate fish back into my diet.

My energy slowly came back and I felt as though my strength was returning. I know for many a vegan diet can be a great thing. However, know your body and understand that everything isn’t for everybody. Being in tune with my body allowed me to test it out but know when it was time to let it go.

Girl Gone Vegan Fail
Sipping my green smoothie

Many of the ways one should get their protein such as beans and quinoa are things my body doesn’t accept at all. I loved the experimental phase of being vegan as I tried so many recipes and brands. Now with this phase, it can become costly, as many plants-based brands aren’t for the cheap. However, once you find your staple brands, it balances out.

Now that I have gone back to meat, which comprises fish and poultry, I am thrilled. I have kept my vegetable intake as high as I was as I loved knowing I was getting a diverse nutrient base. I love that I was able to try out so many different recipes which will now be in my arsenal. One site that I stumbled upon for ideas is It doesn’t take like chicken which has a great article on 50 easy vegan recipes.

Sharing my story isn’t to scare or deter but provide another side of the vegan life. Many who share their vegan story share that they have this miracle life change. The benefits are unique for each person, and for every great story, there is a not so grand story.

Do your homework and really understand you’re why behind wanting to go vegan. If you are wanting to save the planet by not consuming animal products, then great go forth. However, if it’s a way to be trendy or appear on the weight-loss bandwagon, I urge you to use your beautiful brain. Often times with diet we have become like sheep unable to think for ourselves.

I don’t regret doing it as it’s been on my goal list for the past 3 years. If you chose to do anything make sure you give it enough vetting time to see if it will work for you. For me cutting meat and dairy were easy. Dairy was never my friend and there are so many exceptional substitutes. Meat was easy as I’m pretty limited on what types I can have.

My experience has made me very picky about the quality of food I consume as I loved how much better I felt going organic for as much as possible. Are you vegan or ever curious about going? Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you.

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