Living Proof for Coily Hair

Living Proof for Coily Hair

Happy New Year! Cues the confetti and balloons. If your reading this we made it to 2021. To kick this year off, I want to share about the Living Proof for Coily Hairline. This was sent this last year and wanted to get a few wash days with this before sharing.

Normally I don’t share about hair products as I’m kinda shy about showing my hair. My love for hair products runs deep especially things that say they benefit curly/coily hair types. I have seen the Living Proof brand for a long time but never felt called to it because every brand isn’t for everybody.

Living Proof for Coily Hair

I was sent this by and was excited about giving these a whirl. As a reformed product junkie but at the top of the stay at home orders, I got really focused on only keeping products that my hair liked since I was wearing it out. Being a hardcore wig person, the time to just rock my own hair out aside from Zoom calls has been a blessing.

Products that I tend to be drawn to are those that focus on moisture as my hair can be a bit parched especially as the temps drop here in the Midwest. Now with the Living Proof for Coily Hair line, their products are it’s powered by Living Proof’s Healthy Curl Complex, which prevents damage, makes curls stronger, enhances frizz protection, significantly reduces cuticle lift for shinier curls, encourages curl groupings for enhanced definition, and creates visibly healthier curls instantly and overtime per the site.

Living Proof for Coily Hair Review

First product out of the collection I tried was their Curl Shampoo which has the most delightful scent and texture. The focus of this item is to help to strengthen your curls, boost curl formation, and cut down on frizz.

Living Proof for Coily Hair

All the products have the same floral scent and thick creamy texture. I felt my hair was cleansed without being stripped which is a major concern for my 4a hair type. I did my normal 2 rounds of shampoo and my hair felt so soft and balanced. I felt my hair felt tamed after use and mildly stronger.

The next product was their accompanying Curl Conditioner which is a instant conditioner with a lush texture and does a wonderful job of conditioning the hair without weighing it down. The claims are the same as the shampoo which is to boost the strength of your hair while helping your curls pop and cut down on damage.

I have a love for a deep conditioner but this has been really great when I’m not in the mood to pull my stand dryer out. I felt this was incredibly moisturizing which was a big thing as I was scared I would need to do a deep conditioning treatment after. My hair felt surprisingly supple days after my wash day which is often not the norm.

To round out the set, as a styler I used their Curl Elongator, which I will say out the gate I didn’t have high hopes for as a 4a girl. The product claims to help with curl enhancement, frizz control and help with damage aka split ends and shredding.

I found this product sparked me to do individual twists on my hair and see how my twist would come out. As a style challenged girl, I was quite surprised at how my hair stayed supple, and when I did undo my twist, the pattern was very unified and supple. I’m not a pro styler but it provides a gentle hold and helped my hair which likes to hide aka shrink not go so tight.

All in all, I’m quite impressed by this line from Living Proof. You can find the entire line exclusively at Sephora and! Have you tried anything from the Living Proof line? Drop that in the comments!

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