Sleep in Luxe with Soie Silk

Sleep in Luxe: Soie Silk Review

My natural hair has always been an issue for me. I remember when I was 19 doing my big chop thinking this would produce luscious hair. Little did I know after becoming a product junkie, my hair desires nothing more than to be left alone. Sleeping in Luxe with Soie Silk has really changed the game for my hair prosperity.

 I pamper it with the best hair care products and keep it in a protected style aka my wig. By taking all the precautions to keep my hair supple and hydrated, I found my hair each morning in need of moisture. Being at home more, I felt it was a glorious time to upgrade my haircare game. I bought a stand-alone hairdryer, splurged on a few new hair goodies, including the Soie Silk Bonnet.

Soie Silk is a new kid on the block that has leveled up the self-care game with a variety of silk items. They make bonnets, sleep masks, scrunches, and pillowcases. All items that you need every day but in the most opulent form. This is a black-woman owned brand that I was thrilled to support. Seeing more black woman-owned brands in the self-care and luxe niche truly makes my soul happy.

They use 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, a high-quality natural fiber that provides the highest form of protection for the hair and skin. In my research, I found that Mulberry Silk is the highest quality of silk one can purchase. 

Sleep in Luxe with Soie Silk

 It locks in moisture and reduces hair breakage, split ends and frizz. It also helps by keeping your skin hydrated, helping to ease acne and preventing fine lines or those sleep lines you wake up with. This to me is the optimal complement to any glamour girl or anyone who wants to make sure all their hard work with skincare and hair care is maxed out. 

Sleep in Luxe with Soie Silk

Back in late May, I upgraded my sleep items and get a nice silk bonnet. Now before you look at me crazy, those bonnets you get from the typical Koren based beauty supply retailers aren’t silk. They are cheap polyester that can snag your hair and those edges. Everything shiny isn’t silk baby.

I debated on between the bonnet or their pillowcase but felt if the bonnet is outstanding I will come back for the pillowcase. I love the fact that their color selections are more neutral with a little spice of design. I opted for the black bonnet just on the rare chance I need to run to get a package it won’t look so obvious.

Shipping was painless even with the current COVID-19. However, it did come at the time of the protest and UPS had to delay. Once received I noticed how well it was packaged and they provided instructions on how to care for my new investment. It felt so luxe in my hands and I couldn’t wait to go to bed to test it.

I’m a rough sleeper and scarfs over the years have often betrayed me. I loved it when I woke up the next morning, my bonnet was intact and hadn’t moved. I was impressed and noticed after a few days my hair was remaining more supple after wash day. This was the 1st time that after wash day, my hair wasn’t crying for me to give it moisture. 

I’m already saving my coins to invest on a pillowcase as I know my face deserves the finest silk and I want to splurge and get their silk scrunchies. I feel those little things add up in your favor.

Do you sleep in silk? If you do what’s your favorite brand at the moment? Let’s chat in the comments.

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