The Single Hottie V-day Self-Care Guide

The Single Hottie V-day Self-Care Guide

Being single can be fun at times. I can come and go as I please and can enjoy whatever I’m in the mood for. However, there are times of the year that it would be nice to have a special someone. But until that day happens I present to you the single hottie v-day self-care guide! You deserve all the fun and pleasure in the world.

In a previous post, I shared the importance of being gentle with yourself. This is very important during the holidays when you may not have all the love you desire. If you focus on what you do have more of that will come. Don’t close yourself off to the possibilities as you never know what can happen.

The Single Hottie Vday Self-Care Guide

During this festive time of the year, in the past, I would place an order for my fav meal or if I was feeling extra I would create a quick Instacart order so I could make my favorite things. Cooking for me has always felt like magic because your taking an idea and making it into reality. You can add a fav bottle of wine or other spirits to make this time even more enjoyable.

Next, I always make sure a few days ahead of V-day to either have my house cleaned and all my favorite nighties are clean and ready. As a single lady, some of us will forgo enjoying nice sleepwear because no one is seeing us. Well let me ask you, are you blind? Don’t you count as someone? I don’t like seeing myself in tattered items that may have been an ex’s tee shirt! Ditch those and invest in some nice silk or lace bedtime wear.

On the day

On the big day if I can I start my day off slowly and just relish in love. We get so busy trying to be superwoman we often don’t enjoy just being. I may take some time to meditate or write in my gratitude journal with a focus on love. I may even make some tea and get back into bed while doing my meditation time. It’s something magical about slow intentional time.

The Single Hottie V-day Self-Care Guide

Next, I go ahead and ensure all is prepped for my meal, or depending on what I’m in the mood for it may be already prepared the night before so I can just savory it later. I will then make a nice breakfast or some mimosa’s lol. My theme throughout the day is an intentional pleasure.

As the day goes on I will spend time doing things I want to do be it shopping, working out, or taking a festive nap. In the past, I have gotten dressed up for my fun time if I was going out as you enjoy to be festive!

You need to take time enjoying yourself and if the world was open I would also go to a museum or symphony but earlier in the day in order to not be packed in with the couples.

Now that the day is coming tonight I pull out all the stops for my spa night in. In the past, I have hired a masseuse to come and do an in-home massage which ladies is top tier. There is nothing like taking a hot bath at home, enjoying a 90-min deep tissue massage, and then sauntering off to your bed. The best sleep ever!

My at-home spa night typically consists of full-body exfoliation, one of my fav products is the SkinFix Body Scrub. It’s a delightful body peel and polish in one. After my scrub, I indulge in a nice bath be it a milk bath or flower-infused bath. I take my time and savory the moment with soft music and candles and also enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries. I wrap it all up with nice body oil and give myself a nice mani/pedi. A facial and possibly a deep conditioning treatment also is enjoyed.

After spending time tending to my beauty I end the night with my delicious meal, a movie, or even talking to my friends. Self-care as a single lady is not optional but required and Valentine’s Day just gives me an excuse to go extra with my time.

Don’t wait until the stars align and you meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect as they could not come for a while or ever. I also know that some can become salty because they see others being loved out loud on social media. If this is you, I urge you to log-off and just enjoy yourself. When we focus on our own love more love will come.

Now I hope The Single Hottie V-day Self-Care Guide was helpful as I want all my loves to bask in their glory right now vs tomorrow. How are you going to spend Valentine’s Day? Let’s chat in the comments!

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