“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman.” — Coco Chanel

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Ace your Zoom Meeting

Need to game plan how you will show up as your best self for your next Zoom Interview or Meeting? This is for you! We will start with a consult to game plan your ideal vision. Then, together we will partner to craft 1-2 great looks that will allow you to show up as the MVP you are! We will wrap up our time with a quick assessment of your Zoom setup to ensure you are looking fantastic.

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Overhaul my Fashion Life

Ready to have someone wave a magic wand over your style? This is for those who desire a complete makeover from fashion to beauty. This is for the woman who is launching a business or a new life path. We will go for a thorough analysis to understand your goals, lifestyle, and habits with this package. Then, we work together to craft looks that will blend effortlessly with your reality but the most evolved version. Finally, I will provide a tailored recommendation list of fashion must-haves. I also go in-depth in your overall look from hair, makeup, and presentation.

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The Style Refresh

Want to assess your current closet but not sure what is a win or a miss? This service is for you. Our session will go over your current lifestyle and style needs to make the best assessment of your closet. In addition, we will cover looks that hit both your professional and personal image. We will wrap up our time with a quick assessment of your Zoom setup to ensure you are looking fantastic.

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The Beauty Edit

New to makeup and beauty and want to ensure you can craft a complete look with ease? Then, I will partner with you to uncover your unique look and how to achieve it. Or maybe you want to revamp your makeup look. Then, we can go through your current collection and find how to maximize your results. This workshop is a breathing, visual journey that will help you understand the rationale behind why many black women remain in situations they feel are not suitable for them.

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Ready to live your best life?

There is beauty in self-care. Let’s work together to make them bloom.

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1 hour Consult


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