3 Amazing Workout Clothing Brands for Plus-Size

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Finding plus-size workout clothes that are cute and effective can be a bit of a chore. This led me to find 3 amazing workout clothing brands for plus-size ladies! When I’m in the gym the last thing I want to deal with is tugging with my leggings while in mid-sprint or deadlift. Workout gear should support you while you make it fashion.

When I’m looking for workout clothes I’m very picky as they often aren’t cheap. My first thing is sizing as ensuring the proper fit is critical. I want to make sure they aren’t too tight but also not too loose.

The next focus is on durability and construction. I have bought leggings for instance at Ross and they barely lasted a few washes. They also were very sheer. Some ladies don’t mind if their unmentionables glow through, however, for myself I don’t want anything to show. When you’re wearing these items every week how long they can last is at top of mind.

My last focus is on color/print availability. I’m not a boring girl and black serves its purpose, but I enjoy wearing pretty prints and colors too. Often brands must think if your bigger you don’t want to look cute so their offering is bland basic Betty items like black or navy. I love cute prints, cut-outs, and soft colors.

Over the years I have tried quite a few brands but the few that I’m sharing today have continued to provide value wash after wash. Some I have worn since starting my fitness journey and others are a bit newer but still have shown they deserve a spot in my rotation.

3 Amazing Workout Clothing Brands for Plus-Size

Old Navy

Plus size workout gear for a long time was limited to boring black leggings and oversized blah tops. Old Navy brought color to my otherwise drab mix. I have worn their leggings for the past 3 years and they have provided me support and comfort while I traveled for work and in the gym.

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What I love about them the most is their wide variety of colors and styles. Want a little mesh or bold colors, then you are in the right place. I also like that they have high waisted compression that doesn’t stop. Compression helps me to feel very secure in my leggings and also helps a bit with swelling.

My workout gear from Old Navy has withstood countless washes and constant wear. I also noticed that unlike some brands I have used in the past, they don’t hold odor which is a plus. The worst thing ever is to walk past your laundry and get hit with body odor.

Another very big plus in my book is size availability in store. I was a bit nervous buying them online initially as Old Navy is slower than molasses for shipping. However, I was able to go to the store to purchase my size at the time XXL which was great. Stores that understand that all sizes desire to touch and feel their items is a win in my book.

90 Degree by Reflex

These are some of my newest editions. I picked these up back in the day called Pre-COVID-19 at Marshall’s. I first picked up tops because I was able to find a 2 pack for 15.00. Once I started wearing them they provided me great support and didn’t fight my rolls. I finally picked up a pair of their leggings which size-wise are a bit limited. However, I was able to wear an L without issue.

Plus-size workout clothes, 90 degree by reflex plus size workout top, plus size leggings

What makes 90 Degree by Reflex a bit different is their assortment of prints. I have my eye on some leopard legging which makes me feel spicy while giving my best performance on the StairMaster! They do have a Plus-Size section which is great but their offerings are more in their straight sizes which can work for plus.

I love workout brands that allow me to be feminine even while I’m deadlifting. I want more brands to normalize size inclusion and also be pretty. What keeps me on their site is they have soft colors which if you follow me, you know I’m girly and love to be in something pink.


This is where my love affair of workout gear started. I remember when this line was in Walmart and I would buy up the store. These have to be some of the most durable workout gear I have ever owned. I just recently retired items I had for over 7 years! That isn’t an easy thing when you work out 3-5 times a week.

3 Amazing Workout Clothing Brands for Plus-Size plus-size workout clothes, plus-size danskin workout leggings plus size leggings plus size workout clothes

Danskin has now evolved a bit and has started to create some more sophisticated prints and styles. I picked up a new pair while out before stay at home orders where given. I picked their dye print and I must say I feel like a total snack in them.

Working out as a plus-size lady is important as health is wealth. Workouts don’t have to focused on weight loss. In my post, I share how to keep up with your fitness goals, wearing workout gear that is cute is very much apart of the process. When you look good, you feel good and will typically keep pushing forward. I know in the world, there is a lot of messages that aren’t kind about being plus. I believe every lady should do what is best for her but do it while being cute.

I hope sharing 3 amazing workout clothing brands for plus size ladies will spark you to go explore yourself. Everyone should be able to find clothing that makes them happy as life is meant to be lived. Do you have brands that you swear by? Drop those in the comments!

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