Plus-Size Hot Girl Summer: Swimwear Ideas

The streets are calling ladies, are you answering the call? 2020 re-enforced my passion for life and doing things that make me happen now vs waiting until a certain goal is hit. In this post, I’m sharing plus-size hot girl summer swimwear ideas that you can make your own and look amazing in now. I’m all for enjoying the body you have now as you simultaneously work for your body goals. What makes these pieces even sweeter is they are all thrift finds! I don’t believe in blowing a bag on fashion especially while I’m dropping weight.

Many years ago I was stuck on hitting 150lbs and felt that once I did the world would open up for me. I put off any things I really wanted to enjoy in my 20’s until I hit said goal. I came close twice but never quite hit that goal. When you put your life on hold until something else happens you will always have regrets and missed opportunities.

If your reading this no matter what age you are, please don’t sit on the sidelines of life, you need to be an active participant. If others have some issues with your body let me tell you a secret, that’s none of your fcking business!! If someone is offended that you decided to do you, that is their projection of anger for themselves that they settled and you chose not to.

Plus-Size Hot Girl Summer: Swimwear Ideas

I cruised a few thrift stores in my area and was initially underwhelmed and was about to take it to the Shein streets. But one random Wednesday I got bored and was like let’s go thrifting. I hit the jackpot and found several one-pieces and then found a few bikini bottoms. If you’re busty it may be best to get bikini tops that are new especially if you’re wanting a lot of support. I however don’t believe I will be this size next summer and opted to go the Shein to find a few cute but inexpensive bikini tops.

Look 1 Floral Fantasy

Look 2 Green Pinup

Look 3 Blue Colorblock

Now I hope these plus-size hot girl summer swimwear ideas were helpful and sparked some inspiration. The summer is hot just like you. As your out and about make sure to tag me @ChristianSismone on IG or @blkluxelife on Twitter with your swimwear pics, I love to fangirl the hotties!

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