3 ways a staycation can help you flourish

3 ways a staycation can help you flourish

Have you been feeling a bit down and just not like your normal self? Now we are still in a global pandemic so thats a thing, but with anything in life the ability to bounce back is critical to your life. I want to share 3 ways a staycation can help you flourish.

Over the past few months, I like so many others have been inside their homes working while the world seems to be crumbling. At first I was so pumped that I would hit all my goals and come out this as this amazing successful woman. However, after the shock wore off, my depression hit me hard.

The fears, pains and trauma from the past that was often escaped by way of shopping or doing something was gone. Going to the office which was another escape as it wore me out was also gone. Being at home alone provided a recipe of being very self-aware. After all the baking and eating one’s weight in homeade chocolate cookies or yellow cake with chocolate frosting, the sobering emotions came forth.

As I’m not new to these feelings I tried doing what I had done in the past, keep myself busy, focus on my goals and workout. This time, however they didn’t provide the relief I was seeking. If anything those things pushed even more feelings to the surface.

While scrolling on the gram, a friend posted her staycation pics and it hit me, I miss the ability to be in pretty places as being around beauty always refreshes me. I popped on to a few hotels in my city as I still have an crazy amount of points to use and booked a hotel.

Now I know not everyone can do this as jobs have been lost, your city may not be the greatest spot but if you can just get out for a bit safely it will do your mind so much good.

Now are the 3 ways a staycation can help you flourish

1. Changing your environment can provide clarity

I always believe that we are capable of re-writing our lives into something that is worthwhile. You can’t expect to change a problem in the same place the problem is being had. A brief change of scenery can help provide so much needed clarity and perspective changes to create change.

Maybe it’s just being inspired by art or a new view that can help you go home and alter your world.

2. Spa time at luxe hotel always boost your energy

I’m a glamour girl and I truly missed having my spa times. Now that things are slow re-opening, I felt it was needed to add some normalcy into my life again. At the top of the stay at home orders, I ordered enough skincare to cover a household of faces.

There is something to be said when going to a hotel that has the deeper soaker tub and just gorgeous decor that adds to my life. Now I was a bit worried about being in a hotel but my friend Lysol and Clorx defintely have helped to make sure things are as clean as possible.

I also got a new goodie from Clean Skin Club which is their cult-like fav Clean Clothes in a smaller size! I love that this is a smaller pack and smaller sized cloth that are perfect to pack for trips. A pack of 25 is only 10.00 which is a great addition for any glamour girls travel bag.

3 ways a staycation can help you flourish

I feel good knowing I’m using a clean towel every time I wash my face. Want to try these, use code “Simone” to get 20% off this order and every order you make.

3. Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed

If your someone who is very goal-driven sometimes you can get miss out on the little moments. We can be too focused on the end goal. I have missed a lot of moments of just laughing and being in the moment. I have focused on wanting to be at my fitness goal, money goal, and love goal.

Life can change in an instant. You can get a phone call that can rock you to your core. It could be the million dollar call of a deal of the century or it could be the call that someone you loved is no longer here. I encourage to appreciate where you are right now and just taste the sweetness.

Taking a staycation for me allows me to just enjoy a lavish hotel room and just for a moment not think about what isn’t perfect. 2020 has taught me that the next moment isn’t promised. Taking time to refuel mentally and physically will allow me to handle whatever comes my way.

Have you done a staycation lately? If so where did you go and what did you enjoy the most?

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