At-Home Workout Must-Have’s

At-Home Workout Must-Have's

Working out at home has never been my thing. I enjoy the process of cute workout clothes, getting on the treadmill or Stairmaster and checking out. At one point in my weight loss journey I use to envision waking up to an at home gym where there would be no excuses and no people bothering me. In this post, I’m sharing At-Home Workout Must-Have’s in order to reach your goals.

As the news is showing that the vaccine is making rounds, I still wouldn’t run into the gym just yet. So instead of delaying my fitness goals, over the past month, I started acquiring items to help me reach my goals from the comfort of home. Some items were hard to get such as dumbbells as folks have bought them and are reselling on Amazon for the price of your firstborn. Other items are pretty easy to come by and will be great additions to your fitness.

Why is this important?

I know some people are great with doing workout videos which for some is great as they can just focus on the screen. For someone like me being able to dictate my workout and being very impartial to weight lifting, I had to ensure I created an environment that would encourage me to keep moving. Working out is a major key of those who are on their level-up joruney and it’s good for you. The joy of being able to workout to me comes from working in the healthcare industry for a few years and knowing that some people would do anything to be able to walk, bathe and do for themselves.

Working out is also a great way to combat depression and anxiety. A lot of times we have pent-up energy that needs to move and working out has never failed me in that area. As someone who deals with depression quite frequently since the start of the stay at home orders, being able to workout has slowly gotten me out of my head and into my body.

At-Home Workout Must-Have’s


Look now these took me over a month to get my hands on and they aren’t as cheap as they use to be. I picked up 3 pairs from Amazon and randomly was able to pick up a pair at Target that were mismatched. I picked up a 10lb, 20lb, and 25lb kettlebell from Amazon, and even though initially they were all slated to be delivered in mid-February to March to my surprise they all shipped out within a day or two from placing my order. They were a struggle bus to get inside as I live on the 5th floor but was a good workout.

At-Home Workout Must-Have's

I also got a 15lb set from Target which was a very rare find. I would often see dumbbells on but they were either way out of my area to drive or just ridiculously priced. I took a random stroll and found them and ran out of the store. I have never been happier to be sore from a workout.

2. Stability ball

This was a spontaneous buy when I went to Target. I use to love working out with a stability ball after a hardback day workout to stretch and also is great for abs. If you want an extra core workout while your working from home, this would be a great substitute to use instead of a chair. They are pretty inexpensive and are a great addition to any home gym.

3. Resistance Bands

I have resistance bands for a few years now as they are easy to travel with and would help me to get a workout in at hotels when I use to travel for work. What I have found is the best type are resistance bands that are cloth vs the plastic ones you can pick up at Target or Walmart. You have never experienced pain like you do if a band snaps on you mid-workout. It’s horrible.

The cloth resistance bands I have found really up the level of resistance and are more durable, especially for those who are really aggressive on their fitness goals. I got mine from Amazon and they have been the perfect thing to add a bit more intensity to my leg day.

4. A piece of cardio equipment

This one isn’t for everyone as I know budgets and space isn’t always plentiful. After getting my weights and starting to workout I felt something was missing to my routine. I tried to do the Youtube videos and it just wasn’t it for me. I don’t have a big screen tv where things are easy to watch. I also just enjoy not having to think of my next move when I’m working out.

At-Home Workout Must-Have's
The best thing since sliced bread!

I wanted a treadmill but the prices and quality were not it especially as a bigger woman. Many of the cheaper models just didn’t look like they would support me and nobody has time for injuries in a pandemic! I also looked at the Peloton but 2k wasn’t in the budget. I was up one night unable to sleep and typed workout bikes and behold my now Swinn indoor cycle. A funny fact about me back in 2015 I was in the heat of my fitness journey and fell in love with cycle and actually got my indoor cycle teachers certification. Sadly I was never able to teach because the fitness industry is big on image and appearances, as that’s what makes money. But I adored the process.

Now for some of you you are great with working out by way of running outside or walking and that is awesome. Here in my state, ice and snow don’t mix with me. I also like to relax my mind in my workouts so being outside just doesn’t create that calm.

I hope these ideas spark a bit of inspiration and you create your own at-home gym. Use what you have until you get what you want ladies! Also always do what you can to put yourself in the most favorable outcomes. So if that means investing in yourself to help create a better future do it, it will always pay you back. Let me know in the comments if you have started an at-home gym?

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