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Want to find out if we would be a great partnership? Or do you have a focused goal? This would be a great way to glean nuggets of wisdom.

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90 Day Makeover

So you're ready to take the plunge? As a Black woman who has transformed herself through her self-discovery process, I gleaned many nuggets of wisdom along the way. I created this coaching program to help Black women and women of color do the same. Whether you are looking for a coach to help you discover your passions or a life coach that is in you mentoring and transforming your dreams into reality, I am here for you! Because of the cultural conditioning of the black woman, it is hard for us to see our potential and feel worthy beyond what we have already achieved.

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Self Discovery Circle: Group Coaching

A space for transformation and radical self-discovery will be created through a 10-week coaching process. I recommend this after one completes their 90-day Makeover, as being surrounded by those going down similar paths of self-discovery is essential to success. Next, we will dive into finishing the business of healing trauma, mental loops, and complexes. This is a time to feel entirely validated in who you are becoming and to heal and release any trauma affecting you now, or that has ever held your growth back. Finally, there will be accountability around your inner guidance and purpose to guide you in living as intentional change agents in the world. You will have support from your fellow ladies and myself every week; there will be some form of engagement from live training sessions and live Q&A sessions to make everything meaningful and impactful.

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The Unlearning Webinar is a 1.5-hour live workshop that will start you at ground zero to begin unlearning limiting/negative beliefs and behaviors. Just like we learn from childhood, you must unlearn what isn't working to create change in your life. The process of unlearning is more than just discovery; it involves seeing the invisible so that you can use your inner vision to see the possibilities for new ways of thinking, believing, and behaving in the world. As a woman, you might have already learned liberating and positive ways of being in the world. This workshop is a breathing, visual journey that will help you understand the rationale behind why many black women remain in situations they feel are not suitable for them.

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