Christian’s guidance brought me the strength to OWN my journey and love myself right now! Who I am now is worthy of love, respect, and care.

Before I started working with  Christian, I thought that I needed things and people outside of myself in order to become my best self.  Now, slowly but surely I am leaning on my own intuition.

I had no idea where to start, but Christian saw the vision when I could not. Her constant guidance, check-ins, and encouraging words empowered me to make choices that have pivoted me into the life I’ve always desired. In 2 months I’ve been able to leave a toxic relationship, start a new job, and revitalize my personal style.  I’m turning into the woman I’ve always wanted to be. She has an understanding that can delve deep and get to the root of the issue, there you will find your healing. If you are ready to do the work and turn it into your own personal Cinderella story, book with Christian my personal fairy godmother.