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Elle Johnson Co: Lavish Skincare

If you can’t tell from my post, I love skincare. I love skincare products that are luxurious and high quality. Insert Elle Johnson Co, a lavish skincare brand that provides that spa-like essence at home. Looking at my bathroom vanity, I have a lot of products made from unique brands, but most have one thing in common, they aren’t made by a black woman.

I have followed Elle Johnson Co. for a few years and they have made traction in the game by winning several awards because their products are that girl. The lovely team sent me their Magic Mini set, which I am in love with. TIP: get a sample size of more high-end items, it’s better to make a small investment and test your the efficacy of the time. Mini sets from high-end brands should be the norm as it allows you to see if your skin enjoys it and for you to test the products.

The items that were curated for me are for Normal to Dry skin types. Being inside so much has made my skin, which is dehydrated, even drier. Couple that with the increase of maskne, aka acne, from wearing a mask, hydration has been a big focus for me.

Inside this Magic Mini set you get their Cleansing Lotion, Mango Cream, Twilight Oil, and Hydrating Rose Serum. I love that even in the mini form they didn’t skimp on the luxe packaging. Now let’s get into the review!

About the brand

Elle Johnson Co has 4 key components that make them uniquely divine, they are botanically based harnessing the power of planets to create sophisticated formulations; they use only the most luxe packaging; they are gentle so that there aren’t adverse reactions and they are effective as you are seeing results from your investment. The lady behind the brand is equally divine. Her passion for creating a luscious experience for women who are often left out of the beauty conversation is fierce.

Elle Johnson Co. Skincare: The Review

First up is the Cleansing Lotion, which is a beautifully gentle foaming cleanser derived from Coconut and Sugar Beets. Contains Chamomile, Aloe, Cucumber and Japanese Green Tea to tighten, soothe, and deliver antioxidants. This is great for Normal to Dry skin types.

My skin feels clean and supple after use. I will say even though it says it’s foaming it’s not that dish soap level foam, it’s very mild which my skin likes. I love to use this on days that I will be using actives such as Retinol or AHA/BHA as I want to make sure my skin is cleansed hyper well but not stripped making my skin more susceptible to irritation.

Next in the routine is their Hydrating Rose Serum, which is a standout product. It helps binds moisture to the skin, by the magic of Hyaluronic acid. This is a perfect day or night serum. Your skin will be so plump and glowing.

Being inside so much I have noticed my skin has been a tough dryer, and this just makes my skin feel lavish. When I tell you this serum is one of those that truly sinks into the skin and plays well when I layer other serums it’s wonderful. I love to use this in the mornings when I’m being a basic Betty or when I’m using my PCA Pigment Gel to ensure I wake up glistening and glowing.

Last, to seal all the magic in is their Mango Cream. This a daily hydrating cream containing the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid. It’s made of a natural blend of 5 oils and mango and shea butter, to increase skin elasticity and ease dryness. This also is divine for my Normal to Dry skin ladies.

Elle Johnson Co. Skincare

I have been reaching for this pretty much day and night as it’s the right balance to keep my skin hydrated. I have been an Embryolisse Moisturizer user for over 4 years and I don’t stray as it amazes. This was my go-to moisturizer in my MUA days as it is perfect for my normal to oily skin ladies and if the skin needs a little more a dot of oil would make everything grand. However, the Mango Cream has me in a bit of an entanglement. My skin is hyper plump and supple, which is makes me happy.

I want to thank Elle Johnson Co. for sending me goodies and I have already purchased the full-size products as I truly love the results. Skincare for me is a way of self-care and meditation. It makes it even great to support a black-woman owned brand. Head over to their site and get yours!

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