Fitness Ideas for the WFH Girls

Fitness Ideas for the WFH Girls

New Year’s often means you dust off your sneakers and pull out the heavy sweatshirts and hit the gym. But 2020 provided such a lovely time that most gyms are closed for safety. Since my gym has re-closed back in November, I lost my spark to get moving. However, being healthy isn’t something that is optional, so here are some fitness ideas for the WFH girls, and pals!

When most create fitness goals they are wildly unrealistic or not specific enough. Either you’re trying to lose 100lbs in 4 weeks or you say I want to lose weight. A goal without a plan is a fantasy at best. It’s nice to daydream about having a snatched body that people will lust over and make your ex cry tears of deep sorrow. But how about crafting a plan that is realistic, specific, and attainable?

In Pre-Covid days, I use to go to the gym 3-5 times a week, hit heavy weights and cardio. I would have some measurable results by way of dropping inches and pounds. Not having access to my stuff like a set of dumbbells and a treadmill has made it a bit difficult mentally. When I use to hop on the treadmill I would do upward to 5 miles as long as I had my music and headphones. Now I’m having to shift how I see working out and experimenting with what I have.

I wanted to provide some helpful tips that you at home can use to recharge your fitness goals and get back in motion or boost your routine.

So here are 3 Fitness Ideas for the WFH Girls:

1. Youtube is your friend

The gym may not be something you’re comfortable with at the moment or your gym may still be closed. Youtube is going to give you a variety of full length workouts that can keep you engaged.

Here are a few of my fav’s:

Walk away the pounds– I found these some years ago because I was traveling and being someone who needs alone time the hotel gym wasn’t always a safe place. Don’t get it twisted these videos can whoop your behind and you can always boost the intensity.

Yoga– So we are sitting way too much and our movement has been reduced to peanuts. You may notice your back and hips hurt more and this is why. Yoga has always helped me with my fitness recovery and boosting my ability to go harder.

HITT- Ok here me out sis, sometimes you have to push yourself a bit harder than you think. You may fail miserable but if you keep doing it, you will grow. There is no competition, except to top the former you. I love this HIIT workout as I’m one of those weird folks who likes to push. In the gym, I use to deadlift 300lbs so know I may be fluffy don’t let it fool you.

2. Invest in equipment that you will use!

A set of dumbbells, some resistance bands, and a good jump rope can be your gateway to a good workout. I have been scoping out for dumbbells for the past few months as folks did that dumb stuff as they did with toilet paper. If you head to Amazon look for those that are sold by them and if they are sold out sign for the waiting list.

When you look for resistance bands no matter what size you are, go for the fabric resistance bands as they will keep their shape longer, won’t pop on you like those plastic ones will and I find they really give you a harder workout. You will thank me later as you deserve to not be popped mid squat!

3. Grace, grace, and more grace

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t remind you to love yourself and be kind. We all need grace in this life especially now. Expecting the same standards that you had pre-COVID is reckless and setting yourself up for failure. Now I’m not saying to not try but if you were a 5 day a week workout girl at the gym living on the Stairmaster and now you don’t have access don’t beat yourself up if haven’t done anything in a bit.

Or if you do start workout now and notice you don’t have the same level of endurance go easy on yourself and know that you can get back to your standard. I know it hurt my pride when I lost my gains but the body is fascinating as it can bounce back with a little time and dedication. You are deserving of the best health you can have. If you need a little more inspo check out this post!

Your healthy lifestyle is just that a lifestyle. It’s not a temporary thing. Even once you hit your weight loss goal if that is a goal, you still need to maintain it and you already know the benefits of health as it spills into every area of your life.

Let me know in the comments what you have been doing to keep fit and healthy!

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